8 Secret Ancient Unconventional Workouts You Have Missed

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The fitness world is constantly evolving and coming up with new, more complex, exercises. These new exercises often target specific muscle groups efficiently, but are they the best?

There is a whole host of unconventional workouts you’ve probably missed out on. These fat-burning, muscle-building, exercises may not fit the modern fitness world, but they do work.

Let’s go over some of the most effective unconventional workouts you can add to your daily routine.

8 Unconventional Workouts

  • Tai Chi
  • Half-Moon Push-Ups
  • Hindu Squats
  • Farmer’s Walk
  • 300 Workout
  • The Archer Squat
  • Rope Climbing
  • Stone Throws

1: Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient workout routine from China. It’s not necessarily a great fat burner, but the multitude of health benefits it provides do much more than just lower your body weight.

Tai Chi isn’t a single workout. You’ll need an instructor or quality video tutorials to learn it. It’s a series of slow movements that have a low impact on your joints and muscles. The focus is on proper breathing and balance. Tai chi can be used as a warm-up, by itself, or as a way to wind down.

This is a great workout for elderly people, but it can promote a higher quality of life for younger people, too.

According to research, Tai Chi can lower stress and blood pressure, improve balance, and lower your chances of being injured by falls. [1]

A man in 2 different positions. Along with arrows on how to do 1 movement of Tai Chi.

2: Half-Moon Push-Ups

Half-moon push-ups are an ancient variant of the push-ups you see today. They were used to build strength and increase mobility in warriors.

Today, they still have those same benefits, and they’re not much harder than standard push-ups.

To start a half-moon push-up, kneel on the balls of your feet with your knees bent. Then, arch your back slightly and put your arms out ahead of you with your palms planted firmly.

Now, your weight should shift to your left arm until your body is nearly on its side. Push with your left arm and transition your weight to your right arm to mirror the previous position. As you push up with your right arm, return to your starting position.

3: Hindu Squats

Hindu squats are an ancient and unconventional workout originating in India.

These will help strengthen your legs, glutes, and core without putting much stress on your joints. Hindu Squats are also a little easier than traditional squats due to their use of momentum.

To do these, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and begin squatting until your hands can touch the ground. Keep your body straight and face forward throughout the movement. Now, angle your arms behind your back, and swing them up. As your arms move up, begin extending your legs.

The swinging motion helps to carry you up from the squatting position without as much effort. Just make sure to keep your body aligned and face forward to avoid awkward muscle movements.

a man sitting down and sqats, while 2nd position is standing up. These 2 postions along with arrows are showing how to do Hindu squats

4: Farmers Walk

The “farmer’s walk” is as simple as can be. It’s just walking with heavy objects in your hands, and it’s used to build strength and endurance.

The Farmer’s Walk was first pushed specifically as an exercise by the Vikings. They used it to develop the strength necessary to carry weapons on their journeys without wearing them out. However, people have been doing it as a necessity since the beginning of civilization when they had to carry buckets of water back and forth.

To do this one, just grab a pair of weights between 10 and 25 pounds, straighten your body, and walk 10 steps forward. Then, turn around and walk back. You only need to do this 3 times.

You can substitute weights with buckets of water or other alternatives such as milk jugs.

a man is doing the farmers walk with buckets. Also, showing a man hologram to show which muscles are being exercised with the farmers walk.

5: 300 Workout

This unconventional workout is NOT low-intensity or for those who haven’t worked out in a while. However, it will leave you with the body of the Spartans who created it.

The 300 workout consists of 7 exercises:

  • 25 Pull-ups
  • 50 Push-ups
  • 50 Barbell Deadlifts
  • 50 Box Jumps
  • 50 Clean-and-Press with Kettlebell (Single-arm)
  • 50 Floor Wipers
  • 25 Pull-ups

Altogether, there are 300 repetitions in this workout.

You can perform the exercises in whatever order you want, but you must begin and end with pull-ups. These will make you break a sweat, and if done improperly, injuries can occur.

Studies show that the 300 workout can whip you into shape extremely quickly, but it’s not for everyone. [2]

6: The Archer Squat

The Archer Squat is very similar to Warrior Pose in yoga, and it affects the same muscle groups. However, it’s more active.

To begin, plant your feet a little wider than your shoulders. Now, slowly transition your weight to one leg, roll your other foot onto its heel, and bend your weight-supporting knee while extending the other.

This will leave you squatted on one leg and balancing with the other.

Hold this position for a moment before returning to your base position. Then, do it to the other side.

This exercise will help your core, legs, and glutes. Overall, it’ll help increase your balance, coordination, and strength with ease.

a man in archer squat movement position. The man is in 2 different positions. There is also a hologram of a man on the side that shows which muscles archer squat is exercising.

7: Rope Climbing

Simply put, you attach a rope to a high, sturdy object, and then you climb it. It’s extremely simple, but it’s a great all-around workout.

According to studies, rope climbing primarily benefits the upper body. This includes your forearms, shoulders, and back. Although, the lower body and core are also engaged heavily. [3]

Rope climbing dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. It was used as a test of strength for warriors and top athletes of the time.

You can do this the old-fashioned way by tying a sturdy rope to a tree or heavy beam, or you can purchase a rope climbing ergometer.

8: Stone Throws

Stone throws are an ancient exercise with undetermined origins, and they’re great for building strength.

To perform a stone throw, go anywhere outdoors with a lot of larger stones. Don’t do this where people or animals may walk by.

Now, find a rock that you can comfortably pick up, but do not over-exert yourself. Bend down, grab the rock with both hands, and lift with your knees. With the rock at your chest, heave it forward with both hands.

Your goal is to propel the rock as far as possible, and it’s recommended to keep track of your distances.

man in sports wear in 2 exercise movement positions throwing a big rock.

Get Started with These Unconventional Workouts

These unconventional workouts can help you get started. Very few of them require equipment, and most of them are low-intensity workouts anyone can do. In the case of more intense workouts such as the 300 or Stone Throws, always use proper body movements, and make sure to rest.

A young woman stretching out in the archer squat style in the forground of a football field.


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